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Connecting sustainability with enduring commercial success

Connecting sustainability with enduring commercial success

by Yuanda Australia | December 3, 2021
Connecting sustainability with enduring commercial success

Success in the Australian building, construction and facade manufacturing and installation industry cannot be achieved without a commitment to sustainable growth. For Yuanda Australia, this means a commitment to extremely high levels of quality control and end-to-end project management.

We’re proud that Yuanda Australia has been able to continue to deliver innovative solutions in response to the challenges within the local building and construction industry during the pandemic.  It hasn’t been an easy time for anyone, but we believe our focus on project management and quality control has helped us continue to deliver the best products and services to the Australian market.


A commitment to quality cannot be overstated. Low quality and non-compliant building materials are simply unacceptable because of the risk they pose to a building’s integrity and the occupants’ safety.

High-quality installation is just as critical a factor and so we place just as much importance on how we install facades as the quality of all the materials we are working with.

You cannot ensure quality across the supply chain without highly controlled, end-to-end project management and this plays a central role in Yuanda’s business operations.

Our continued success in the Australian market is underpinned by our commitment to deliver holistic project management in the face of changing social and environmental pressures.

Our industry can have an enormous social and environmental impact on the community, so our first priority is to provide products that support community wellbeing and energy efficiency.

Yuanda is known for its innovative, energy-saving designs that incorporate renewable energy solutions. We have used these solutions throughout our façade systems for many years to reduce carbon emissions and to contribute to energy security, affordability, property value and the health and wellbeing of building users.

The emerging economic recovery is Yuanda Australia’s opportunity to position the company for substantial growth in the Australian market, and at the same time create long-term, sustainable value for our stakeholders.