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Western Sydney University PMU testing complete

Western Sydney University PMU testing complete

by Yuanda Australia | July 19, 2021
Western Sydney University PMU testing complete

The Yuanda Australia team has completed the Performance Mock-Up (PMU) test for Western Sydney University, a technology-rich, vertical teaching and research facility high-rise campus in the Bankstown CBD.

The campus will reach 19 storeys and accommodate 10,000 students and 700 staff, with teaching facilities for health, education, manufacturing and IT students. 

The PMU involved testing two façade types in accordance with AS/NZS 4284:2008. The specimens were true representations of the facades to be erected on the building and incorporated identical materials and construction methods.

The most complex areas were chosen due to the size, shape and complex external architectural features. The Façade specimens tested to this standard (SIROWET) were subjected to the same environmental factors of the building by using cyclic pressure to simulate the non-uniform nature of wind. Structural, air infiltration and water penetration tests were conducted to assess the conformity of the wall types against the project specification.

The test was carried out in the CNAS certified Yuanda test lab in Shenyang and witnessed by Building Envelope Test Consulting Solutions (beTcs) Asia-Pacific who are independent and accredited inspectors. The Yuanda Lab is accredited by CNAS (China National Accreditation Cooperation) and ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) for testing to the required AS/NZS 4284. All tests passed without incident. 

After successfully passing the PMU stage, Yuanda have ensured the prolonged service life of the façade and are on track to begin the installation in September 2021.

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